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Compromise and Disagreement in Comtemporary Political Theory

Publikation: Forskning - fagfællebedømtAntologi

Christian F. Rostbøll, Theresa Scavenius

Compromise and Disagreement in Contemporary Political Theory provides a critical discussion of when and to what extent compromise is the best response to pluralism and disagreement in democratic decision-making and beyond.
Organized into four parts, the book begins by discussing the justification and limits of compromise. Part II discusses the practice of compromise and considers the ethics required for compromise as well as the institutions that facilitate compromise. Part III focuses on pluralism and connects the topic of compromise to current discussions in political theory on public reason, political liberalism, and respect for diversity. Part IV discusses different challenges to compromise in the context of the current political environment.

Udgivelses stedNew York
Antal sider204
ISBN (Trykt)978‐1‐138‐23062‐0
ISBN (Elektronisk)978‐1‐315‐31782‐3
StatusUdgivet - 6 nov. 2017
SerieRoutledge Innivations in Political Theory

ID: 155780905