Climatising Security Policy: A Panorama and Implications for Denmark

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This report investigates the emerging international landscape on ‘climatising’ security policies that Denmark must navigate. The study maps the current state and the emerging developments at the crossroads of global climate change governance efforts and national and international security policies. The report develops a taxonomy of var- ious state and interstate profiles to tackle the global challenge of climate change as part of the actors’ security and defence policies along their declared intentions, levels of ambition and delivery in practice. The analysis covers NATO and the EU, along with the important states from the Danish security policy perspective (i.e. USA, Russia, China, UK, France, Germany, the Nordic countries). Methodical stock-taking of the emerging trends in climate change management through security policies globally, regionally, and nationally provides a basis for forward thinking in the Euro-Atlantic area, helping to set the parameters of security policy planning and action for Denmark.
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StatusUdgivet - 30 nov. 2022

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