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Hvordan påvirker coronakrisen os som samfund? Det er forskerne på Institut for Statskundskab i fuld gang med at undersøge. Her kan du læse mere om deres projekter og følge med i, hvad de finder ud af.










































































































































It is widely agreed that the Corona crisis has shifted power toward governments, and has left opposition parties in a difficult situation. Governments have taken the lead in decisions on lock downs, special emergency measures, recovery funding and, most recently, plans for reopening societies. Yet although the opposition has gradually become more involved in many countries, criticism of the lack of democratic control remains, and the necessity of some rigorous measures that governments have adopted has been called into question. But Covid19 has not only affected the relationship between governments and their opponents in governments and civil society. It has also affected lobbying and the way that interest groups and firms interact with policy-makers. The crisis has threatened the earnings of a wide range of industries and companies and had profound effects on the daily lives of citizens. This has stimulated both interest organizations and businesses to mobilize, and governments to actively reach out to them for their expertise.

Our project will explore both the on- and offline strategies of interest groups before, during, and after Covid19. It uses a unique dataset that will include information about digital and non-digital lobbying for approximately 10,000 interest groups and firms registered in the EU transparency register over a longer period of time. Digital lobbying will be investigated by examining variation in the tweets sent by these actors over time, and offline lobbying, using a database of meetings between organized interests and high-level members of the European Commission.

With these data, we will be able to examine a number of questions in the coming years in multiple papers, and we will also use these data for non-Covid19 research. With respect to Covid19, we are interested in examining, for example:

  • Whether and how Covid19 has affected (the mix of) digital and offline lobbying
  • Whether and how Covid19 has affected resource inequalities between interest groups
  • Whether and how Covid19 has affected bias in the representation of different types of interest groups
  • Examine how the sentiment and framing of digital advocacy has changed during the Covid19 period

Participating researchers

Gregory Eady (Assistant professor, tenure track)
Anne Rasmussen (Professor)























































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