Bertel Teilfeldt Hansen

Bertel Teilfeldt Hansen


Research interests

My PhD thesis investigated countries’ recovery from civil war with a focus on the role of national elections. Among other things, it looked into the conflict-inducing potential of elections, their incentives for fraud, their function as an exit strategy for international peacekeepers, and their filtering of the participating electorate. I have since worked on such topics as images in international relations, terrorism and mental disorders, and the way actors in wars fight over the representation of their conflicts on the internet.


At Political Science in Copenhagen, I have taught methodology I and II at the bachelor level and several courses in advanced statistics at the master's level along with a master's level course in quantitative methods in international relations and international political economy. Most recently, I have headed the teaching of methodology I.

I am currently on leave from a two-year postdoc at Copenhagen University as I have taken up a another postdoc position at Stanford University with James Fearon.

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