CANCELLED! Jean Monnet lecture by Michael Jarlner

Lecture number 3 in the lecture series on the course Jean Monnet: Politics of the European Union. Central structures and processes of the EU.

Friday September 29th – After Brexit – where is Euroscepticism Today? – International Editor at Politikken Michael Jarlner.

About the Jean Monnet Programme

The Jean Monnet Programme is aimed at both Danish and foreign students with a particular interest in European Politics.
The programme consists of two parts: Jean Monnet Lectures and Jean Monnet Workshops.

The weekly lectures present a wide range of perspectives on the European Union as an external actor and are given by prominent practitioners and academics within the field.

The weekly lectures are open to all interested.

For students wishing to sit exams at the graduate level, weekly workshops are also offered. In the workshops, the topics and themes of the lectures are elaborated upon in discussions and student presentations based on textbooks and articles.