When rule of law crumbles and LGBT+ rights are under fire: what can the EU do?

Democracy and human rights are under pressure in more and more EU countries. And LGBT+ people are often at the forefront of attacks when autocratic tendencies take hold. Hate speech and anti-LGBT legislation go hand in hand with reforms that undermine the independence of the judiciary, free civil society and independent media. The situation is worst in Hungary, but the trend is spreading to Slovakia, Romania and Italy, among others.

How do we address this? What can the EU and Denmark do to protect LGBT+ rights and challenge Orban and Europe's other homophobic autocrats?

Join us for an after-hours conversation about this with: Eszter Polgári, Director of Legal Affairs at Háttér, Hungary's largest LGBT+ NGO. Andras Léderer, Head of Advocacy at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, expert on Hungary's democratic decline and LGBT+ activist. Member of Parliament (TBC).

Professor Marlene Wind, Center for European Politics at the University of Copenhagen, sets the scene and moderates the conversation.

The event is organized by the Center For European Politics, Reclaim, LGBT+ Denmark and European Youth.