Hanne Foss Hansen

Hanne Foss Hansen


Personal information

Born September 16th 1957, married to Bjørn Rehder, daughter (Anne 1983) and son (Thomas 1987)




  • Ph.D. (Economics and Business Administration, specialized in organizational theory and public administration), Copenhagen Business School, 1986
  • M.Sc (Economics and Business Administration, cand.merc.), Copenhagen Business School, 1982
  • Bachelor (Economics and Business Administration, HA), Copenhagen Business School, 1979

Previous positions

  • Professor (MSO) with special responsibilities in public administration and organization and the task of strengthening research in evaluation), Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, 2004-2012
  • Associate professor, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, 1993-2004
  • Associate professor, Center for Public Organization and Management, Copenhagen Business School, 1989-1993
  • Assistant professor, Copenhagen Business School, 1986-1989
  • Ph.D. student, Copenhagen Business School, 1983-1986
  • Research assistant, Copenhagen Business School, 1982-1983

Current position

  • Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

Academic prizes

  • The Katrin Fridjonsdottir Memorial Prize for contributions to the field of research on research, Uppsala University, 1995
  • Tietgen prize, gold medal, Copenhagen Business School, 1986

Departmental administrative duties (recent)

•Named person at the Faculty of Social Science 2014-

•Member of the research management committee, 2012-2014.

•Responsible for the course in public management at the Master of Public Governance organized in collaboration between University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School 2009-

•Staff representative in the board of University of Copenhagen, 2009-2011

•Responsible for the course at bachelor level in public administration and the course in public law at the education in political science 2010-2011

Research grants (only last ten years)

•Participation in “Effect of changes in leadership and management structures in Nordic higher education” Project headed by Romulo Pinheiro, University of Agder.

•Project: “Crisis Management: The Administrative Policy and Public Organisation in Retrenchment times”, DKR 5.232.161, 2012-2015, the Velux Foundation.

•Participation in “Coping with globalization: How do policies to promote excellence affect the research community?”. Project headed by Liv Langfeldt, NIFU, Oslo. NOK 266.000 for the Danish part of the project, 2011-2013, The Norwegian Research Council.

•Project: “Research Evaluation”, DKR 255.000,-, 2008-2009, The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

•Project: “Meta-evaluation: Accumulation of knowledge in a knowledge society”, DKR 1.338.705, 2005-2008, The Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Sciences.

Ph.d.-supervision (recent years)

•Present: Søren Kjær Foged since 2013, Niels Borch Rasmussen since 2014, Anne Mette Møller since 2014, Jonas Lind since 2015.

•Eva Moll Sørensen, Ph.D. awarded 2013 now post.doc. at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

•Mads Kristiansen, Ph.D. awarded 2012, now post.doc. at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

•Kaare Aagard (co-supervisor), Ph.D. awarded 2012, now senior researcher at the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy, Department of Political science and Government, Aarhus University

•Matilde Høybye-Mortensen, Ph.D. awarded 2011, now post.doc at KORA (previously the Danish Institute of Government Research, akf)

•Camilla Palmhøj Nielsen, Ph.D. awarded 2008, now director of research, Central Denmark Region (Region Midtjylland)

Conference paper presentations, guest lectures and invited lectures since 2010

•CHER conference Lissbon, September 2015

•IRSPM conference Manchester, April 2015

•Department of Administration and Organisational Theory, University of Bergen, March 2015 (invited lecture)

•University of Agder, September 2014 (invited lecture)

•NOPSA, Gothenbourg, Sweden, August 2014 (paper)

•Copenhagen Business School, October 2012 (invited lecture)

•EGPA, September 2012 (paper)

•Nordic Evaluation Conference June 2012 (paper)

•Örebro University, June 2012 (invited lecture)

•Danish Evaluation Association, May 2012 (invited lecture)

•Traffic analyses – A Knowledge Agency within Transport Policy (Trafikanalyse), Stockholm, Sweden, April 2012 (invited lecture)

•Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, April 2012 (invited lecture)

•IRSPM, Rome, Italy, April 2012 (paper)

•Rigspolitiet, November 2011 (invited lecture)

•European Consortium for Political Research, Reykjavik, Iceland, August 2011 (paper)

•NOPSA, Vasa, Finland, August 2011 (paper)

•The Ministry of Education and Research, Oslo, Norway, November 2010 (invited comments on the proposal for an evaluation of the Norwegian Research Council)

•Rambøll Management Consulting Denmark, November 2010 (invited lecture on course for staff in City of Copenhagen)

•The Danish Evaluation Institute, November 2010 (invited lecture)

•SCORE, Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research, Sweden, October 2010 (invited lecture)

•Forum for Science and Democracy, University of Bergen, Norway, October 2010 (invited lecture)

•Department of Administration and Organization Theory, University of Bergen, Norway, October 2010 (invited lecture)

•Police-network, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, September 2010 (invited lecture)

•Network on governance in central government, Copenhagen, August 2010, (invited lecture)

•OECD, Paris, France, June 2010 (paper)

•Danish Research Library Association, Klarskovgaard, May 2010 (invited key note)

•The Local Government Training and Development, Denmark (COK), Kolding, May 2010 (invited lecture)

•European Science Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2010 (invited lecture)

•Swedish Agency for Public Management, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2010 (invited lecture)

Referee activity recent years

•European Science Foundation, Evaluation, Governance, Nordic Educational Research, Nordisk Administrativt Tidsskrift, Nordiske Organisasjonsstudier, Norwegian Research Council, Organisational Studies, Politik, Public Administration, Scancor/Stanford University, Scandinavian Political Studies, Økonomi & Politik

Ph.D. thesis assesment, associate professor and full professor hiring committees recent years

•Linnes Universitetet, Växjö, Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University, University of Agder, University of Bergen, University of Gothenburg, University of Lund, University of Oslo, University of Aarhus, Aabo Akademi University, Aalborg University

Other academic activity (a recent selection)

•Member of expert group on funding og Higher Education, The Ministry of Knowledge, Oslo, Norway 2014-2015.

•Member of advisory board regarding funding of research, Swedish Research Council, 2014.

•Member of committee regarding complaint against decision on scientific dishonesty, Ministry of Education and Research, Oslo, Norway, 2012-2013.

•Member of evaluation committee regarding regional research institutes, the Norwegian Research Council, Oslo, Norway, 2011-2012

•Member of advisory board regarding Centre for Knowledge Governance Studies, the Knowledge Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010-2013

•Member of committee regarding follow up on the police reform, Ministry of Finance, Copenhagen, 2009-2010

•Member of evaluation committee regarding large research programs, Norwegian Research Council, Oslo, Norway, 2008- 2009

•Member of evaluation committee regarding Danish Institute for International Studies, the Danish Evaluation institute, Copenhagen, 2008

•Member of the board of the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Oslo, Norway, 2007 - 2014

•Member of advisory board for the Swedish Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Stockholm, Sweden, 2007- 2010

•Member of panel evaluating the work of the Danish Auditor General, 2006 -

•Member of the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty, Copenhagen, 2006-2009

Teaching experience: Within public administration, public organization, evaluation, governance and leadership.

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