Nijat Eldarov

Nijat Eldarov

Ph.d. stipendiat, Ph.d.-stipendiat

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    Nijat Eldarov is a Ph.D. fellow at the University of Copenhagen. His research interests lie at the intersection of critical security studies, science and technology studies, and critical computational studies. More specifically, he studies how security governance in technocapitalism comes to increasingly embrace dynamic, network-based, more-than-human rationalities of systems-cybernetic approach, beyond modernist discourse of population management. 

    Prior to joining the University of Copenhagen, Nijat Eldarov studied International Relations at the Academy of Public Administration (BA) in Azerbaijan (2013-2017), and European Affairs (MSc) at Lund University in Sweden (2017-2019). 

    Træffetid: Tirsdag 14-15

    ID: 320967255